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The Age of Censorship

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Mainstream media has become a joke. They will not report anything the government tells them not to. Snowden had to go to the Guardian in London because if he walked into any major news agency in the USA, they would have first called the NSA. They all they report only because the Guardian broke the story. I have stated I was told as a matter of fact the NSA was taking all emails of even everyone on the Hill 2 years before Snowden. It was not a secret. So if I was being told that just as a matter of fact, every news agency know it and did not report it.

We have MSNBC that is so far to the left and FOX to the right, and this is what government likes – keep the people focused on social issues and economics is never questioned with respect to how they function. Keep people yelling about gay marriages and other non-economic issues and they will leave the politicians alone to screw us to the wall.


Now governments are all moving quietly against the internet. Russia is moving to control blogs and their Facebook as well. The US gave Obama the internet kill switch he will use during civil unrest. Britain arrested people on the interest trying to organize protests, and now the EU is moving to censor the internet as well.

The EU wants to promote the control of the internet systematically. With the establishment of an Internet Commissioner where a modern censorship authority will arise. So the EU will be able to detect early civil unrest resistance forming on the Internet. Under the pretext of combating terrorism, of course, freedom of speech is being criminalized.

The economic structure of socialism is collapsing. They refuse to revisit the economic design. As pensions and banks fail, they solution is to make the people pay for their mismanagement. The governments can only see their own self-interest – Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. They will act only to preserve their personal power. Keep the people divided blaming each other and they love class warfare because it deflects blame from government. The famous debate of Thrasymachus v Socrates reveals this has been a systemic problem with governments for thousands of years. It will not change until we have serious political reform.

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