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The Accomplishment of AI – Not Market Manipulation

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COMMENT: The turn on the Euro was spot on.   Advice on the Yen/ Dollar   was also spot on.   Please give us some updates on the DOW though

The best to you and your staff for all your hard work

ANSWER: No body on a personal level can possibly pick so many turning points. It is just humanly impossible. My goal is to demonstrate that we can learn from the past when we separate human emotion from the plain and simple truth – just the facts mam and show me the money (capital flows).

I am finishing a in-depth article on Artificial Intelligence and how it has been achieved. Several people have commented that there is some show on the Sci Fi Channel where someone is trying to create a model and they mention me. This is the way to the future and how to even manage government. Stop the corruption, bribes, for you cannot change the trend – all they do is accelerate it adding volatility.

IBEUFOR-D 6-17-2013

The Euro turned precisely on the Directional Change we just published several days ago. We have high volatility starting tomorrow and into early next week. This is not personal opinion. We will open the Think Tank to membership so never again can anyone claim this is all me all the time. I am not superman. This is the accomplishment of Artificial Intelligence – not market manipulation. Sorry – the world is not flat – there is a whole new dynamic nonlinear landscape out there that is fractal in nature.