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The Aaron Swartz Suicide is a HUGE Disgrace for MIT Globally

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The turmoil over MIT & The US Government trying to imprison Swartz for 35 years has gone viral on a global scale. MIT has completely disgraced itself as being any sort of a place for higher education that seeks to imprison anyone with whom they disagree and thinks out of the box. MIT’s long close ties with the US government are starting to be looked at by a lot of people around the world after the Swartz incident and people realize that it was in fact MIT that insisted he be prosecuted when he did nothing with the documents. Swartz’s political beliefs in open freedoms clashed with the US courts previously and with MIT. One has to wonder if MIT is about coping with the future or propaganda to support the status quo. They no doubt would have been against revealing truths as was the case with Wikileaks that the government still wants to put away in prison for life for exposing simple the truth.