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The 8.6 seems to be in Religious Texts as well

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Marty – love your analysis based on 4.3 and 8.6 year cycles. You state that this is all over everywhere and in all markets. Correct, and it is even seen in the Book of Daniel (Bible). Towards the end of Daniel, we see the angel mentioning about 1290 weeks. Well, 1290 (just the number) is an exact multiple of 8.6 – 150 times.

Of more interest is that 1290 is exactly 300 times 4.3! This is YOUR 300 year number and I guess we can say that there is no new thing under the sun!

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REPLY: Fascinating. Another has pointed out that 430 is an important number from the Bible. As the story goes, God told Abraham in a vision that his descendants through Isaac would end up as slaves in a foreign country. God would, however, release them from this bondage after 400 years (Genesis 15:12 – 16). Exactly 430 years later to the very day, on the same night, this prophecy was fulfilled as the children of Israel left Egypt on the 15th day of the first month (Exodus 12:40 – 41). So I was told that this number has worked to the very day before.



I find all religions interesting for there seems to be kernels of wisdom in all traditions and beliefs. Is this 8.6 frequency just the perfect cycle?