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Thank You Dodd Frank for Currency Controls

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Thank you so much for your protection Dodd Frank – you are so thoughtful. As of October 28th, 2013, you cannot wire money out of the USA any more. God forbid, there may be some terrorist with a camel pretending to be your aunt Sadie who will intercept that wire and blow up some ladies room in Uzbekistan.


Thank you Dodd Frank for caring so much about the safety of our money and creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Can’t wait for the SAFE Act to assume control of all pensions next Mr, Hatch. Gee – perhaps you all should just assume control of everything and provide us with a broom, hammer, sickle, shovel, and hoe eliminate all guns and automobiles to prevent us from killing each other and clean the air while telling us where to show up for work each day and protect us all the time. It would be so much better just to be taken care of. Who needs to make such mind-boggling decisions like trying to decide which roll of toilet paper to buy when there can be just one.

And those who see only hyperinflation, well keep your one eye looking in that direction. As long as you do not open the other eye, perhaps you will not see the deflationary trend engulfing you from every other direction. By the time these people are done, you will be damn lucky if there is any semblence of a free market still around.