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Thailand & Ukraine – The Common Link

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Behind the Headlines for both Thailand and Ukraine, the mainstream press has ONLY given one side of the story. In the case of Thailand, this paint it only as the rural poor against the rich and in Ukraine they paint it as purely the youth upside for not joining Europe.

The other dimension in both regions that will be coming our way as well, is the sheer disgust with the corruption in government. This is the root where it goes beyond the poor in Thailand embracing the Middle Class as well, and in Ukraine where the corruption has become institutionalized. Applying for a passport there, the staff hand you their bank details and tell you a donation is welcome. You take that to the bank and actually pay money that goes to the employees of that office. It is an official tip jar with a bank account.

It is the sheer level of incompetence and widespread corruption that is pissing a lot of people off. As government workers demand full pensions, government merely raise taxes creating a cost-push inflation squeeze that leads to lower and lower standards of living for the people v government workers. Some unions got full healthcare benefits 100% for their state workers that nobody else will ever get in the private sector.

Welcome the ticking clock measuring how little time we have until this whole things just goes bust.