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Texas & UKraine

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QUESTION: Martin, I would be curious about your thoughts of the following resolution below.

Note that the goal of this resolution is neither to sue the government nor to repeal ObamaCare.  It is simply for Texas to “not participate” with ObamaCare.

Of course, the President would say Texas doesn’t have the right to “opt out”, but what would happen if Texas just opted out anyway?

Also, have you thought about offering your services to Ukraine to help them write their new Constitution?  I agree with you that this could be something very big for the future of liberty in the world.

Too big to see it thrown away by typical politicians.


ANSWER: Texas has an ABSOLUTE right not to comply with federal decrees of this nature. The United States, like Europe, was promised that it would respect the sovereignty of individual states. That has proven to be a lie just as it is in Europe. All the offices of our company were managed by individual partners. We were preparing to go public, but each office was operated by a separate managing partner with their own self-interest and staff. I found myself having to mitigate disputes between them. This is no different than the way a country should be designed of independent states.

The Federal level MUST be limited to “commerce” guaranteeing free trade among the states. The problem has arisen from the way judges interpret the constitution and the Commerce Clause. The broad expansion of this interpretation has enabled federalism that was NEVER intended. Even Obamacare passed, but not for a single rational reason. It was effectively upheld on one decision that justified it as a TAX and therefore the Feds had unlimited taxing power. It failed is there was no penalty as a program.

The Constitution is way too malleable and the philosophy of the Supreme Count moves left and right showing the bias therein. We need serious reform and the Constitution needs to be redrafted in light of this malleable document in the hands of wordsmiths.

There should be no DIRECT taxation as originally set forth by the founders. Had that been maintained, then Obamacare would have been defeated since it is a tax. I am all for state rights and I think that is important. If those who want to live in some religious context, then they can make their state a particular way and anyone else should move to a state that best suits them. I disagree with anyone imposing their will at the Federal level to be forced upon everyone else. You cannot win when you get in this area of changing federal law to force your view upon the nation. When the Puritans seized control of England, they outlawed Christmas, all sports for they led to cursing, and it became a felony to kiss your wife in public. Caution is critical and no religion has any place in government for then you cannot have freedom of religion.

As far as Ukraine, yes, we stand ready to help redesign the country. Why? If there is just one country that adopts a real free market and restrained government, it will spread economically and other nations will eventually be compelled to follow. The IMF will burden Ukraine with debt, raise taxes, and create unemployment. Nothing they have done has EVER worked, If just one country starts the reform process, we will see a chain reaction.