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Tensions Continue to Rise Between USA & Russia & the Media Plays Games

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Russia is teaming up with the Red Cross to send aid to Eastern Ukraine. The US is trying to say this is an invasion attempt. In fact, our sources are clear. In the city of  The greatest complaint rising from the East is the propaganda being hurled around in both directions. In this pro-Ukrainian cartoon showing those supporting Putin are unaware of the reality that they do not live in a “free society” as their poster claims.

In Horlivka (Russian: Gorlivoka), there is not even bread for sale for a week at a time. Children no longer go to school but there is now no running water nor is there electricity. Making matters worse, there is a chemical plant there that if hit by shelling may cause widespread humanitarian problem. The civilians trapped in these cities are in need of aid. One of our contacts there in Horlivka cannot leave yet they are pro-Ukrainian.


The media is being blamed for their role in creating false reporting. This is one example of the cartoons revealing the problem. It seems as though the younger generations avoid the mainstream newspapers and TV for they just do not trust them. Even in the USA, we are seeing this same trend away from media and this is clearly underway also in Japan.


The propaganda press on the Russian side is hard at work using footage of anywhere to claim the Ukrainian army has killed children. This mock new flash says the Ukrainian army bombed a house in Donestk injuring many children children using the picture of the Coliseum of course as a joke. The media has been taking footage from other conflicts to try to stir up the resentment for war.

People have been tracing the photos and are exposing the truth. However, mainstream media will never cover such issues. Nevertheless, both sides play the same gain.