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Taxing Unrealized Gains

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COMMENT:  Hello Martin

The problem with the collectible market in the eyes of a C accountant..

You have this asset and this asset has gone up but the govt has not been able to benefit.

I noticed that in Australia they have this deal where they can make you partially revalue an asset.

So if you have an asset coins / real estate / beans — the tax man says it’s all the same.

We need a partial revaluation ..

I don’t agree with it but this is a new business cost and the large business will thrive.  The small business is scr*wed.

ANSWER: In many European nations they have the “wealth tax” where you are taxes on merely owning things from art, coins, real estate, etc. In America, you are not taxes on unrealized gains, but once you are taxed and then lose money the next year, they will only allow a $3,000 deduction. All of this is about shaking down people on a global scale. This is why I have stated that the SOLUTION can only now involve the elimination of taxes and the end of borrowing. There is no rule of law because whatever the tax code may be today, these people will change it tomorrow.


What you must understand is HOW empires, nations, and city states die. It is ALWAYS, and without exception, by their own hand. They abuse their power, raise taxes, and hunt people down until then abandon cities and in the case of Rome, then even walked away from real estate.

Those who think BitCoin can survive and Hyperinflation will send gold to $30,000 and you will be unbelievably rich, they fail to say what exists even if that was true. $30,000 gold sounds great. But will a can of coke cost? Everything is relative. It will move together. The image that gold will rise, stocks collapse, and some how you survive, come on – there is no such period in history where that took place.

This is no walk in the park. We are looking at a structural change coming that will test the soul of men, women, and children not to mention the dog.