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Taking Photos from your Phone Now Pose Serious Risk to Warrant Tax & Fines Per Photo

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Believe it or not, the U.S. Forest Service is working to finalize a new set of rules in November. These policies would require journalists to apply for a $1500 permit to photograph the 36 million acres of designated wilderness area administered by the USFS. These new rules would also make it illegal for independent photographers to take photos or shoot video (even with a camera phone!) and would result in a fine of $1000 per shot. This includes family vacation pictures! If you uploaded 10 photos to Facebook from a family vacation the government then fines you $10,000. We know they are broke – but come on! Perhaps this is what we need to get the majority off their ass just for once. Obamacare didn’t do it – perhaps Obamaphoto will.

This appears to be just a money grab for the U.S.F.S.’s Acting Wilderness Director, Liz Close, has yet to cite any real-life examples to justify why this policy is even needed or what problems it would be addressing other than lining the pockets of the police once again. They will be able to search your phone o vacation to see if you took photos. This is why we just cannot survive with career politicians for they always turn this into us against them. (see Washington Post).