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Syria – Benghazi Connection

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What is taking place in Syria is far more complicated than most people suspect. As with everything, there is the story, and then there is the truth lurking behind the story. The region has been flooded with weapons supplied to rebels initially in Libya that have flowed to Syria, Mali, and even back to the streets in the USA. Nothing but nothing is what it appears. There is way too much bullshit for we are far beyond a shovel – we now need full blown mining equipment to get to the truth about anything.

Stevens Christopher Abassador

John Christopher Stevens (1960–September 12, 2012) was the American diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from June 2012 until his murder on September 12, 2012. The entire Benghazi incident is far deeper than most people would ever dream. True, the Obama administration is covering up the incident as 22 CIA agents were present at the time.

Stevens Christopher Abassador TorturedOne source has reported that the CIA has been subjecting operatives working in Libya to frequent polygraph tests to make sure they are not leaking information about Benghazi. Why? What is lurking in the shadows? The real reasons why and the connection to Syria today are discussed behind-the-curtain – not in the open.


It is alleged that Stevens was actually set up by the CIA. Some say in retaliation for another CIA agent who he caused to go to prison where he died. But the deeper allegations have widespread circumstances attached that now go directly to Syria. As the story goes on the Hill, Stevens was involved in arms dealing. He was selling arms to the Libyan rebels. Russia actually warned the USA that it should not overthrow Qaddafi. Of course, the US acts more like a vengeful lover than a rational strategist. In the Middle East, dictators have kept the religious zealots in check. Removing them has opened the door to worldwide terrorism.

Both the rebels who the West are fighting in Mali and the rebels in Syria have gotten their weapons from those allegedly sold by Stevens to the Libyan rebels. This is far more complicated than what is being reported and there is a lot more at stake than what people suspect. Even France was supplying weapons to Libyan rebels illegally like the USA against UN sanctions. This is why Obama could care less what the UN says – it has routinely circumvented the international law and that is what Stevens was really doing in Libya. When we sell or give weapons to such groups they not merely spread to other groups, they also end up being sold into the US domestic market.


This idea that government is honest is just propaganda. A CIA agent was disavowed when it was revealed he had sold weapons to Libya. He told the court he was doing it for the CIA. The CIA said he never worked for them. Edwin P. Wilson worked under non-official cover for the CIA for years. The CIA claimed he enjoyed a jet-setting lifestyle and profited from selling weapons to Libya, all off tax payer money. He was convicted of shipping arms to Libya in 1983 and served 22 years in prison  (10 in the hole held incommunicado) before his conviction was overturned and was finally released from prison in 2004 only because his daughter relentless kept filing freedom of information requests that proved eventually the CIA was lying all the time to cover-up their illegal arms sales.


So if you question the stories that Stevens was really selling arms to rebels in Libya circumventing UN sanctions off the books of course, look at the track record of our government. You cannot ever believe a single word they tell you. On top of that, they will imprison anyone for life under false evidence to cover-up the truth and will not blink an eye. They have no conscience or moral character and will go have dinner after executing innocent people as they did in the famous Rosenberg trial of the 1950s executing his wife they KNEW had nothing to do with anything.. They cannot believe in God or the last judgment. It is only about them and what they want to do. They care nothing about honor or the people. Nothing but nothing will ever deter them from maintaining power – period!

On August 29th, 2013, the Obama administration surprisingly announced new gun control measures. These deal with the little known problem of re-importation of US weapons we give to rebels to fight various conflicts that go to our streets. The Obama administration is now curbing the import of military surplus weapons. All the yelling and screaming about weapons on the streets it is not widely understood that they actually are coming from our own sales or gifts to rebels overseas. We hand out weapons like candy for political reasons and they arm the domestic drug trade. The story behind-the-curtain was that Stevens played an active role in selling these weapons and that was the real reason for him being targeted. The weapons that were flowing through him are alleged to be the key to conflicts throughout the region and were flooding the streets in America as well. This was a key source of weapons for Syrian rebels. Taking out Stevens stopped that traffic in guns.

While France is eager to get into Syria, their “evidence” disagrees with that of the Obama Administration. They claim there were only 281 killed not 1400. The Syrian opposition is highly fragmented and divided between groups based abroad and inside the country. To overthrow the Syrian government will turn the “civil war” into a Holy War and we will see tremendous death and carnage. Russia has been pointing to the rebels using chemical weapons. To top this, then there are reports that it was Saudi Arabia who supplied chemical weapons to the Syrian Rebels to get the US involved and raise oil prices given the US is less dependent on imported oil.

Bandar Prince

The Saudi Prince Bandar is not only blamed for giving chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels, Then Prince Bandar is reported trying bribe Russia to back off and not support Syria. There is too much bullshit going on to justify an attack and in the end, the truth will always surface as it did with Iraq.