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Swiss Committing Full Blown Suicide

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The Swiss began secrecy when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and declared it to be illegal to for a German to have an account outside of Germany. The Swiss adopted their secrecy laws in 1934. This time, the Swiss are giving up everything and its bureaucrats that made these deals have no clue why Switzerland became a wealthy nation. The Swiss bureaucrats are giving up everyone and now even Australians.

Wm-TellThe Swiss bureaucrats have forgotten that the origins of Switzerland and how it began as a tax revolt against the Hapsburg Empire whose tax collectors made William Tell shoot an apple off the head of his son.  Switzerland was a refuge for the French fleeing the revolution and the guillotine. They were the refuge for those who were religiously being discriminated against. The long historical birth if Switzerland and what it stood for has been abandoned. This seems to be in line with the peak in the real estate boom there being 26 years during next year as well. With the peg, loss of its financial base, and its worldwide asset tax is setting the stage for the serious shift in direction for Switzerland itself. If William Tell were alive today, he would be leading an army in revolution against the current government.