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Swiss Turn Back EU Immigation

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The Swiss bureaucrats have spoken – enough is enough – go home Europeans in accord with Dublin Agreement. The Swiss will now block EU immigrants fleeing Germany and other European states seeking to get away from the Euroland insanity. Now European immigrants entering the country will face very strict regulations that effectively said no more. There has been a rising anti-immigrant and anti-EU movement in Switzerland. The Swiss central bank took the stupid approach of pegging the franc to the euro. They have huge losses that will only send the Swiss economy into a death spiral next year.

This Swiss vote against European immigration will be yet another deep wound inflicted upon Brussels. Once more, we can see a direct confirmation that the very idea of Euroland has utterly failed. This serves as a stark warning of the trend ahead. We are in Private Wave, which is very anti-government. We are witnessing what happens when the corruption that has engulfed governments everywhere comes home to roost. The very idea of Euroland is being shredded to bits falling to the ground like confetti. Politicians are desperately going to get more and more controlling as they destroy the foundations of freedom and civilization all to cling to their positions.