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Super-Cycles How to Detect & Do they Exist

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Hello Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you so much for your public work. I was turned on to your work a few years ago while you were still writing prison newsletters. At the time I was still on the Goldbug / Conspiracy bandwagon, and your views were like a fresh of breath of fresh air. The idea that cycles run everything SHOULD be something that every human recognizes, but rarely do. I myself have seen cycles in action in my small business and personal life but never connected the dots until I was told the dots even existed!

Your insights saved me from jumping head-first into the worst of the Goldbug nonsense. A common claim among the bugs is that gold maintains a relatively constant buying power, a claim that is easily blown out of the water with even the most basic fact-checking. It is wrongly stated by many bugs that an ounce of gold could buy you either a fine set of formal clothing in ancient Rome or a comparable set of modern formal wear today.

Yet doing my own research tells me that the only clothing that could have been so expensive in Rome would have been the Emperor’s purple garments themselves! You likely would have gotten change from that purchase as well.  A high-end Armani suit these days would set you back at least a couple of ounces, and you would still be under-dressed if you were meeting an Emperor!  So much for gold being immune to inflation…..

It was very heartbreaking to follow the story of your legal troubles. I work in bail bonding (a very unique form of insurance) and see the injustices the legal system piles on to the average person who grabs the attention of law enforcement over something minor and has their lives ruined. What happened to you is extremely common among people who are generally law-abiding, but have a minor drug possession charge, or God forbid, a domestic dispute. These people feel the full weight of the system come crashing on their heads while the drug dealers, armed robbers, thieves, and murderers who are in trouble on a weekly basis have their cases dismissed with no punishment. They are familiar with the system and know how to cause prosecutors enough trouble that they go pick on the first time offenders who are not so savvy.

It is 100% true that DAs and Officers prefer to go after and convict the small fry because it is much easier for them. 100 pot convictions look better on their records and resumes than locking up 1 serial killer. I have documentation of all of this in my county, but finding a local media outlet willing to go with the story is next to impossible. It is the same problem that Snowden encountered; media refuses to rock the boat of anyone who has the potential to cause them problems. It is better to print more fluff stories about nonsense than do real reporting.

Most of the questions that I would have liked to ask you have already been asked by other readers. I can only think of one question I have not seen addressed yet. Is the model equipped in any way to deal with super-cycles that may either be completely undiscovered, or do not have enough data to be fully understood yet? It is clear that cycles can have any length and some are so large that they pre-date human existence without having completed a full cycle that we would be capable of observing. Do these factor at all into the model or is this simply impossible without the proper data (dinosaurs were notoriously poor record keepers unfortunately, they probably bought gold at the high too)?

Once again thank you for your hard work and all the educating that you have done.

ANSWER: I have been so busy I have not gotten around to writing the book I would like to yet about what I saw. In the movie they are shooting that I believe will be out this fall, if it makes it in the final cut, there was a dinner with some of my old partners. One asked me why I was not angry. Another jumped in before I could even answer, and he said it for me. It was an experience for him – a journey. I do not believe in regrets for everything good and bad combines to make us who we are. Because I am not angry, I have been call America’s Nelson Mandela. Whatever we go through prepares us for what we must do and we are never given more than we can endure. Going through what I did opened my eyes to the full circle. I helped people and did their legal work for them. I managed to win some completely and others pulled their pleas and got their sentenced reduced so they could be near their family. There were several trials of Italians all doing life for conspiracy to kill a mob guy where the only evidence they had been his car at JFK airport. No body. No witnesses. Nothing. Yet they were all sentenced to life for “conspiracy” that is effectively wanting to having someone killed and each group was tried with a different theory. The amount of innocent people in American prisons is probably about 25%. Most were doing a favor for someone. I met a priest in for money laundering because a Chinese drug dealer asked him to wire some money home to his sick mother and the Feds said he knew. So I know well of what you speak and yes the press will not report even the great number of suicides of people who just cannot endure the stress.


The computer finds everything because it is not hard-wired. But the one thing that is fundamental is the universe is fractal so it is the same structure throughout all time scales. Therefore, if a cycle is VALID, it must be fractal and appear on all levels of time. The 8.6 time 3 is 25.8. The Precession of the equinox is 25,800 years. Not only is 8.6 years equal to the perfect number of Pi * 1,000 days, but then every level of time must conform as well. Therefore, a super-cycle measured in thousands of years must be a fractal of the lowest level in order to be valid.