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Sundance Refused to Show the film FORECASTER

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The FORECASTER will NOT be shown at the Sundance Film Festival to answer the emails. Sundance refused to show the film based upon information and belief from reliable sources despite getting good reviews even in Hollywood. So you can speculate why. Probably the same source that tried to have the trailer removed from YouTube, controls Wikipedia, took down the film’s site, tried to create a panic at the premier in Amsterdam to get people to leave, and even broke into the producer’s offices stealing their camera and what they thought was the film to stop production. Nevertheless, against all odds, the film made it and it will at least be shown outside the USA.

This is why I went with a European production because I seriously doubt that the film would have ever been made in the USA with all the behind-the-scene-machinations between bankers and the government. Americans may be denied the right to even see the film in the USA because I believe the corruption runs way too deep in the land of free speech. They say Korea tried to stop the Interview. It has been revealed that the USA hacked Korea first. Well it seems that this is the pot calling the kettle black as they say right here in the pretend land of the free.

Americans may only be able to see this on the worldwide pay-per-view. We are not involved in the movie. It was funded by various European producers and TV stations. So I have no idea if it will ever make theaters in the USA and you can flip a coin to guess who will stop it. The theater premier in Germany will be April.

We will let everyone know when we learn about the date there will be a pay-per-view showing worldwide when we here.