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Sun & Economy

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COMMENT #1: I see they are continuing to plagiarize your work. I see this all over. [Now sun & economy]. Well I get that’s a form of flattery. Nice day to you Marty.


COMMENT  #2: Marty, now they are suddenly claiming the business cycle is driven by the sun. It is astonishing how much you are plagiarized. I am losing all respect for ………. for they too are just appalling. They think no one has ever read your work and can lie to the public just like politicians. Personal status seems to be the common denominator.

REPLY: I know. The worse part about this is they do not have the data to back up their conclusions. They pretend to have discovered things as if they magically appeared from thin air. The advancement of knowledge is building upon the shoulders of others who have gone before you. They skip everyone and try to pound their chest as if this were their discovery alone.

Unfortunately, these sorts of unethical clowns screw us all for their lack of research depth will only leave the whole field discredited. This is not how you advance knowledge – it is just fraud. All they care about is being famous and making money – that’s it. In the real world of science, you take theories and prove them. Nobody plagiarized Einstein, they built upon that and explain additions to the foundation. When it comes to market forecasting (social science) this is the most dishonest and unethical field of all

The real problem, they latch on to each subject but lack the capacity to even do any real research. Everything is connected and that they cannot figure out just pretending to have discovered something.



 Sunspot Activity By Century 

Baliunas-SallieIn the coming Geometry of Time, I show the evolution of cycle theory and all the people who have contributed. Needless to say, these types of people do not make the list. The first to postulate sunspots and business cycles was a Russian from observation. I first reported his finding in the 1979 report entitled WHY. I listened to a presentation of Sallie Baliunas and her finding of weather cycles from ice core samples which matched the ECM and help to understand why there were such major cycles at the 300 year level. It was reviewing that data that allowed me to see the impact of the sun and the migration patterns behind the rise and fall of man over time.

Reaching any point in the plane of knowledge is a collaboration over time. Knowledge does not spontaneously appear out of nowhere. Others saw business cycles and articulated theories even before Kondratieff. All such advances in this field come ONLY from people with experience for that is how they make the observation. Furthering collective knowledge is the goal. I have not looked into astrology, where others have taken my work and looked upon it with a different perspective. This is the way we advance for it is all a collaborative effort over time.