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State Kidnapping Children

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Martin, thank you again for all your great work. The greatest fear I have is for my children. The rampant corruption I see everywhere in the United States from the banks, to police, to judges, to politicians, to now hospitals and schools frightens me greatly. I read that Child protective services with police forcibly removed two healthy home-birthed babies from their parents because they chose not to use the hospital. This goes way beyond civil asset forfeiture. Take my money, yes I will be angry. But my children? Please see this website:

You posted about how police interrogated boys for shoveling. On the site is a story about two kids whose parents let them walk home by themselves in the spirit of “free range-kids” parenting philosophy who were interrogated by police and whose parents were threatened by CPS.

If there is any light you can please shed on the growing medical tyranny and police state that we live in, please do. I would greatly appreciate it.


REPLY: The government has gone way too far in so many areas. The taking of children from parents simply because they do not comply with some bureaucratic decree is just another example of how far out of whack everything has become. It is one thing if children are abused, starved, or beaten and another when the state officers go to extreme. This is the problem with government – it knows no bounds.