State Department Covering Up for Hillary

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Hillary Rodham Clinton


There is little doubt that the State Department has been deliberately covering up for Hillary the existence of her private emails. The timeline of their obstruction is rather shocking. Where there is deception, there is a reason. All our inside sources that are not merely Republican v Democrat political banter, have long said that this entire issue had to do with secret arm dealing via the CIA to first overthrow the government in Libya and then to work on Syria. Now it turns out the Obama Administration and the State Department has been secretly trying to alter the election in Israel.

When Tony Blair was running for office in Britain, the American political strategists who ran Bill Clinton’s campaign were there in London working for Tony Blair. I saw them in a Hotel back then. So anyone who thinks there are elections that are not being influenced or coordinated on a global scale are just naive. The same thing was rigged with the Scottish elections. Those in power always seek to manipulate the people. It is just part of the game.