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Special Report on Real Estate & Equities

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The Shift in Institutional Investment


Hi Mr Armstrong.

I’m very concerned that one of my sons here in Australia is deep into debt investing in domestic real-estate.  I’ve tried to caution him but it appears he may have to learn the hard way.  All I can do now is try to convince him to sell at least some of the houses as the markets peak in 2015/16.  So what is your expectation on Australian house prices at that time?  Will they be much higher than today despite the fact they are already too high compared to most other countries?  Or is he doomed in which case I might have to shelter him when the real-estate bubble here bursts?

Many thanks

ANSWER: We are preparing a special report on Real Estate and Equities. This is where the big money is going. This is a very important report for the future. This report should be ready hopefully by next week. Perhaps if he understands the full context of what is happening in real estate he will appreciate there are times to buy and times to sell.