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Sorry Donations Not Accepted – Just Spread the Word

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COMMENT: Hello Sir, ive been following you for years and though i struggle to understand how to read /interpret your data ive still managed to trade your pointers and make some money when i can understand it. for all youve done and continue to do im certain many of us are grateful more than we can express. may i offer some payment or donation to you and your service while  i await to join your coming system.


thank you so much Martin

Sincerely Joe


REPLY: Thank you for your generous offer. The markets have been like an ATM machine for me over the years. For that I am thankful. So what I do is not for money. I have more than enough to live for my remaining years. What I do is to try to bring some enlightenment for the future to try my best to leave behind a better world for my children rather than a world far worse than I grew up in. That is a serious challenge. One I know is a difficult task. The only way to accomplish that lofty goal is to spread the word and hopefully it will create an echo around the world that will rise to a roar when the times get dark ahead.

We all can see this progressive collapse of society. We have to push back to save the future from the evils of the past. Fortunately, I do not need money even for preparing for the IPO to institutionalize what I have discovered. So we do not need venture capital and that makes all the difference. I can fund whatever we need to do and that provides ample security even for our staff. So thanks again. We do not accept donations. Just spread the word.