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Some People Really Hate Me – There Must Be Always an Opposite

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Evil Government

COMMENT: You know some people hate you for your comments and views.

REPLY: I am fully aware of that. Life is a journey which is a question to understand why we are even here. What is this thing we call life? What makes the word tick?

Experience is the great teacher in life. It is what shapes us into who we are. I have worked around the world, lived in London, my favorite city, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Sydney. I have probably spent one-third of my life in Europe. I love the diversity and the culture in Europe. It pains me to see the EU function as it does and try to eradicate those differences.

My teacher has been the computer. That is what I hope to leave behind. Take it or leave it. I fully understand it is usually kill the messenger when you do not like the message. I cannot change the world and I am the fool if I try.

To make a cycle function, there must be two opposites. Nobody can be everything to everybody. Of course some people will hate my guts. Some were sad I was not in Vegas one email said from Madrid. That is life. I would certainly prefer to go out that way than slowly in diapers.