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Solutions Conference – March 28th at Princeton, NJ

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The Solution’s Conference is being moved up and made available for everyone via a live stream on the web. Because we can all “feel” 2015.75 coming this time, it is obviously important to get the debates started there as well. We are also working on a bill to be introduced into Congress as to also get it there in the drawer in time for when these people suddenly wake up and say OMG, there is another crisis perhaps we can at least offer something other than more authoritarianism.

This conference will include updates on the Cycle of War and the Sovereign Debt Crisis. It is important to understand that everything is connected and set up like dominoes. Push one and the rest will fall into place one after the other. Unfortunately, this is just the way things unfold historically. No hype or personal wishful thinking. Just the facts.


Attendance physically will be very limited. This is a small venue. The Original Nassau Inn where the Framers of the Constitution stayed. So we do not expect people to be flying in around the world for this one. It is appropriate that we hold this conference where they were are least discussing the framing of the Constitution.

Those attending will get the DVD when produced. They will also have 2 hours before hand to talk to staff and see them demonstrate the computer access for clients. Attendance will be on a first come first served basis.