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Socrates Status Report & Vancouver

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QUESTION:  Dear Martin,

As a person of average means, I am wondering if you would consider offering a basic affordable service to guide those of us who are just trying to have something to retire on. Something like, “Hold onto your blue chip stocks for now.” Or, “It’s time to sell your municipal bonds and buy pizza futures.” Or, “Put 10% of your portfolio in gold coins.” Maybe a monthly review—something along those lines.

Thank you very much for all you do.



ANSWER: We are honestly working night and day to get the first release of Socrates up. We are going with just a partial release. You will not be able to talk to it yet over the Web. That will be Phase 2. The speech is working, but this will be limited to specific analysis of a given market.

What we will do to try to ensure that everyone has some level of access, will be a basic overview for just $95 a year. This will provide the core Global Market Watch and a monthly commentary online. We are trying not to leave anyone behind. But this requires staff and they cannot work for free if you expect this to continue beyond me.

Investors will be able to create a portfolio to watch and you will be able to click on any market in the world. For now, we will begin with over 400 markets. We will be adding all stocks soon. At this time, there will be the key Dow stocks and gold stocks.

Traders will be able to get the buy and sell signals of a given market. You will also be able to review markets by levels daily through yearly. Yes, there will also be coming the Global Market Watch on the Quarterly and Yearly levels. These will be dynamic so effectively you can see the current year as it unfolds.

There will be various studies and the computer will do technical analysis on its own. There will be commentary written by the computer on every market,

We will have a booth in Vancouver January 30-31 where you can meet some staff and see a demo.

We will be preparing a video to show how to use the system and what it will offer for Phase I.

By Phase II, we hope to have the verbal access up and running. We will also have the alerts so you can create a portfolio and receive text messages when something changes. NO SPAM.

We do not SELL client names, nor do we SPAM people. We have more business than we can handle right now so there is no need for constant emails pitching nonsense.