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Socrates Progress Report

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We have made a lot of progress porting over the programs to function via the Internet. The voice will be operating and we are putting the finishing touches on the trading systems. You will be able to see the hypothetical system trading record  on anything with the current position and its objectives with its stops.


Here is a sample, not actual, of a daily report the computer writes entirely on its own. We are moving rapidly at this point to bring up the systems as quickly as possible.


Socrates will be providing an overview look at the portfolio you set up and will relay that verbally. We are looking at bringing the full systems online over 2015 where you will find an unbiased analysis computer generated to provide an anchor at times in the middle of a panic storm.


For the first time you will be able to watch our Capital Flow Analysis systems online. We are tracking the flow of money globally and this will enable you to see how the global trends are moving right before your eyes.


No longer will you be trapped by myopic thinking and analysis. At last you will see the world as it truly unfolds. You will also be able to see any market express back in your home currency.

The pricing system is still under review. Essentially, there will be two paths. FIRST there will be a per click access basis. Here you can purchase access clicks in quantity and use them on any market or any stock. YES, we will be putting on line all stocks in North America, Europe, and China along with Japan and the rest of Asia.

The primary advantage of this system is its consistency. Therefore, once you become familiar with how to use the model, you can easily transfer that knowledge to any market in the world.

SECOND: You will also have the option of subscribing to a given market so that the reports are delivered to you each day.


For serious investors, we will be offering proprietary tablets for large portfolios.

This will be the restoration of our famous institutional level of service. The porting of access for security and voice has taken longer than anticipated as always is the case in programming. Conceptual designs are easy. Coding it is hugely time consuming.

For all the inquiries of buying into the company, we will be moving to take the company public to secure its long-term viability. We will most likely go public in Hong Kong within the next one to two years after the systems are up.