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Socrates Manual

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We have been getting a lot of emails asking if we will provide a manual and what exactly will be included in the various stages. We have so much work to do with front-end delivery systems besides trying to get four books out this year. So to say I have a full plate is an understatement. This is why we will be hiring staff to help with a mountain of work. The AI system has been written – but it is more the delivery process that is time-consuming.

Here is a glimpse of the next page to be released to the Global Market Watch.



The Reversals will be mapped on the side of the chart so you can actually see where there are. You will get the Daily Array providing the timing. We are breaking out the various types of volatility so you can distinguish from an over-night move to a sharp move during the trading session.

The chart will provide the envelope for normal trading with the moving average point plotted within. You will also see the oscillator and a standard MACD for those who like that indicator.



We are testing to ensure the written reports the computer drafts are correct across a broad scope of markets. This will be available on every stock as well as market index, futures, commodity, and economic statistic from capital flows to GDP and debt. The nice thing about a computer writing these reports, government’s like China need not fear there is a political bias agenda created to instill some propaganda. The computer lacks emotions so there is no political judgment.

The QUERY function will allow you to ask any question. You will be able to ask it just about anything from what took place on January 21st, 1980, to what was the high and lows in a market on a given day to the major high and low. You can ask about political systems, correlations, what will happen if interest rates rise for it will have to calculate what change that would cause as it ripples through the world economy.

You will also be able to create your own portfolio of futures and stocks and have it track them. We are working on it actually send you an email or sms text alert if anything changes in you portfolio.

CSP500-W.jpg 4-15-2014


We are porting over the trading system. Here is a snapshot of the Cash S&P500. You can see it first began to buy the market the week of June 4th 2012 using the Reversal System. It that added 4 positions and took profit the week of 12/24/2012. However, it reentered the long-side the very next week 12/31/2012 and it has since then added a total of 9 positions. This has been merged now with our timing and pattern recognition models to provide a full picture of trading with our system of risk/rewards in addition to the BIG MOVERS.

AssetAllocation (2)


Then we will unleash the Asset Allocation Model. This will be currency based as will be the Portfolio and trading systems. You can ask it to create a Natural Hedge or should there be a hedging strategy employed. This will be great for mining companies as well as major corporations.

CSPEUR-W 4-16-2014


The computer calculations are truly far beyond anything even a team of hundreds of analysts could possibly do in a timely manner. Not merely will this analyze the entire world, it will then calculate every instrument in the world in all the major money center currencies. to predict capital flows Here is the Cash S&P500 plotted and traded in Euros. This provides a completely different perspective when compared to the dollar chart provided above.

There is NO analyst who can do all this work in a single week no less within 2 hours. This is why we need such high-end computing power because there is just so many calculations not even the best performing laptop or desktop computer can accomplish this output.

Of course this is not a solicitation for management and this is hypothetical trading since it trades everything in the world. It always provide the entry and exit for you should NEVER enter a trade in anything without knowing where you are wrong for the exit strategy.