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So How Do We Ever Reach Political Reform?

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QUESTION: okay Martin,

So assuming Capitalism (property rights) and (direct) Democracy is the Promised Land, how the Hell do we get there? How do we break the Oligarchy?

ANSWER: No matter what system we do create, it will be gamed eventually. If you look at Athens, pay attention closely to its history. Despite the Democratic movement, there were constant attempts by the Oligarchy to overthrow Democracy. Eventually they did. So all we can do is try to put as many checks and balances in place as possible. That will not prevent the system from reverting to an Oligarchy because people always want to tell others how to live by force.

We will be given that opportunity to overthrow the Oligarchy in our system ONLY when we crash and burn. The career politicians protect the Oligarchy as we just witnessed with overthrowing Dodd-Frank. Career politicians left or right are simply always for sale. That is why ONLY a form of Direct Democracy stands a change.


ECM Athen 455-404BC

Athens did not have Direct Democracy free of career politicians. The first Banking Panic was in Athens in 354BC. Even the Democratic politicians were career.


The only way we get there is after the crash. To whom will champion such an idea? Nobody in Congress. It is against their self-interest which is the same as the EU in Brussels who will destroy Europe to save their own jobs. We cannot beat Smith’s Invisible Hand. IMPOSSIBLE.