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Snowden Hero or Traitor

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Edward Snowden  is now trapped in transit limbo at a Moscow airport, where he finds himself with no alternative but to accept asylum in Russia. The arrangement is “temporary” but what this affair illustrates more is how government fails to distinguish itself from the nation. Government loves to pretend they are the divine hand of God and are thus the nation itself rather than the occupying ruling class over the people. How can any man who reveals illegal activity in government to the people be a traitor and sentenced to life in prison where death is a far more welcome companion? He did not betray the people or the nation, just exposed those in the government for the liars they are.

The idea that the death penalty is the worse possible infliction is actually not true. Imprison a man for life and anyone who believed what he had done was just and right will long for death. When freedom no longer remains plausible, they will commit suicide. They will challenge someone else who they know will kill them when they are afraid to commit suicide. Only the coward who has inflicted death upon others fears death himself. That type of person does not repent. There is no level of remorse that would ever drive them to take their own life. Death is what they fear the most. Why would they show remorse in such a manner? They are really cowards and will lie to live and the government loves people like that for then they can practice the Prisoner’s Dilemma and will use the lowest of the low to testify against others to save their own skin.

Government naturally portrays someone who commits suicide in prison as remorseful and he could not live with what he did so they can justify their death as deserving. That is the biggest crock of shit ever sold to the public. Those who commit suicide are normally the innocent or those who believed in what they did was just. The evil person like Charles Manson would never commit suicide for death is what they fear the most. They have no remorse – that is pure bullshit.

Life in prison for someone like Snowden would be torture. Mark Twain wrote: “If you want to see the dregs of society, go down to the jail and watch the changing of the guard.” The guards being pro-government would treat him the worst and he would be taunted and mentally tortured until he breaks. That is of course not part of a sentence. It is just the perks of being a guard for unfortunately about 20% of them. The rest, typically just see it as a job and have human compassion for those who they can see are unfairly imprisoned. There is no real Liberty and Justice for All – that is up there with Santa and the Easter Bunny when the USA has a conviction rate of about 99% in Federal Court surpassing Hitler’s notorious People’s Court. But there are those who in uniform see it as their God given right to use maximum force upon an unarmed person and tell themselves that they deserve it. The recent police killing an unarmed homeless man in Santa Ana is just an example of maximum force for everything where life is no longer considered to be a God given blessing.

The question we must ask is just how is someone a traitor by revealing to the people what the government is doing to them? A traitor is someone who betrays his country to a foreign enemy. Snowden did no such thing. All the politicians who have had the audacity to call him a traitor deserve what they inflict upon others – life in prison. Revealing corruption in the government like Bradley Manning and sentencing this man to prison is in itself a crime. The United States has fulfilled Reagan’s prediction – it is rapidly becoming the Evil Empire for it is the state running amok no longer reflecting the ideals of the people. Government has no such right to keep anything hidden from the people since they PRETEND this is a government BY the people and FOR the people. Then how is it possible to betray the nation when they are informing the people when government lies to them?


Snowden and Manning are heroes. They are the real patriots not those who hide in the shadows at the NSA or in the halls of Capitol Hill. They have abused every principle of freedom and justice and show the real meaning behind the words of Patrick Henry – Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. They seek to create a world that they control everything and should anyone disagree they are scum who they would love to kill, but to pretend to be civilized, so they will torture them for life instead. And then there is the once noble press endowed with freedom, honor, and a solemn duty to defend our liberty. They have laid their scepter down to lay with the very officials who oppress the people to further their own political status. The flame of liberty has been extinguished. The bones of the Founding Fathers have been crushed into dust and mingled with the sands of time and circumstance to be buried in a shallow common grave.