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Snowden & Dropbox

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Edward Snowden’s war against the usurpation of all privacy continues. In an interview by the Guardian on the subject of file storage, he warns the Dropbox, the cloud storage firm with over 200 million users, is “hostile to privacy,” and urged people to switch to what he calls more-secure storage of SpiderOak. Dropbox has added Condoleezza Rice to their board who can bring nothing but an inside track into the NSA (see Business Insider)My concern is that people do not appreciate who the law works. I saw first hand government agents take the witness stand and swear in their “expertise” whatever word they desire is really a code word for something else. You can be on the phone with your wife and say pick up 5 pizzas. They can say that was a code for picking up 5 bars of gold. The Judge, usually a former prosecutor, allows this type of nonsense and you will be convicted because the jury believes government is honest. How else do you get 99% conviction rates?


Storing everything is very dangerous. They only need to type in a name and they have collected everything. This is really becoming 1984 in spades. This is the prelude to the collapse. It is part of the cycle. The Venetian Mouth of Truth was the mark of the end-times for the Venetian Empire. Anyone could drop a slip on you and did not even have to sign their name. You would be tortured to confess and all your assets confiscated. Such practices destroy the very purpose of civilization – coming together for cooperation. Turning everyone against everyone else defeats the entire purpose.