Snow in Hong Kong? No Possible Way — Or Maybe?

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HonkKong-Snow 1-18-2016

Some people have asked why I bother to follow weather. I became a partner in a firm called Strategic Weather, known today as Planalytics, that is geared toward forecasting weather for business. I did long-term forecasting for the company. Their database on weather formed one of the largest in the country. Weather has played a key role in migrations and the rise and fall of nations. I have warned that we are entering a period that is summed up best as the Age of Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong.

From a weather perspective, our long-term models at PEI project that we are heading into a mini ice age — not global warming — and it has nothing to do with emissions. This is a natural cycle whereby the energy output of the sun collapses.

This week, temperatures plummeted in Hong Kong. They were even talking about snow; I am not sure if anyone in Hong Kong has ever seen snow in my lifetime. This is the Maunder Minimum & the coming mini Ice Age. It is blistering cold right now in New Jersey. We have to comprehend that this is like a crash of the stock market from a 1929 high. It will be rapid and by no means gradual. By the time we look back at this in a few years, we will be willing to pay taxes for global warming to heat things up again.