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Slingshot vs. Phase Transition – WHEN?

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QUESTION: Marty, Thank you for the WEC. The more I reflect on my notes the more I begin to understand you really opened my eyes to see the world much differently. So you said we would go down first and then flip. You also warned that it was not yet conclusive between the Sling Shot and the Phase Transition. When do you think that will be decided?

ANSWER: I am planning on doing a short video on that for the attendees since this is the key to what lies ahead. This is also the focus of the “World Share Market” reports that we are finishing up right now. Attendees of the World Economic Conference will receive that report complimentary as well as a report on “The Dollar”. The key will be decided by the Monthly Bearish Reversals — so pay attention. Likewise, the euro is basing before we see the collapse. The dollar is by no means finished just yet.

One available, the “World Share Market” reports & “The Dollar” report will be available to the general public for purchase. We will make an announcement once these reports are available.

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