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Site is Being Moved to Switzerland

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Zug Building

The site and blog are moving to Switzerland for security purposes. The main site there is Princeton-Economics.COM. This site will be redirected for the blog and we will be starting paid regular services from there. The Global Market Watch is also ready. When the site is functional and all client names will be secure in Switzerland, which by law requires all servers to be maintained in Switzerland containing client information (we do not sell client names EVER), we will announce the start this summer. We will have the portfolio monitoring service up as well where you can have the computer keep track of your investments and notify you on any change in trend. Once that information can be secured, then the service will begin.

The Advisory Board and International Think Tank with a global collaboration effort will also begin by year-end. We are finalizing a position to head that aspect with someone who has had 30 years experience on Capital Hill behind the curtain to head up dealing with all governments globally. This will be the first International Think Tank and we will open this to membership rather than accepting grants with strings attached. The number one goal is to maintain independence and to provide the research for all governments globally when things start to get really bad. The tree has been cut. It now depends upon which direction does it fall – totalitarianism or freedom & human rights. We appreciate all the interest in joining the board, and we are moving in this direction to bring together experienced people from around the world for the first time ever rather than just theory. We all know something is seriously wrong. Governments generally remain in denial until it is too late. It is unrealistic to assume we can stop what must take place. The object is to provide an alternative when we crash and burn.