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Showings of the Forecaster

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This is an independent film. They will be doing their own thing. They have distributors lining up around the world. They will eventually have their own DVD sales. We do not participate in that and when they have their links up, it will be best to check the scheduled showings and where.


Here are the first finalized showings of THE FORECASTER. that we are aware of so far. They may have more listed on their site by next week.

Feb 22-mar 1, 2015                     Zagrebdox, Croatia
mar 13-22, 2014                         Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece
Mar 28-apr 1, 2015        ‘Bertha DocHouse’ screen at Curzon Bloomsbury in London –
May 2015             Planet+ doc ff – in competition, Poland
May 21, 2015            Nyenrode Business Universiteit with the attendance of Martin Armstrong
May 15, 2015            German Theaterical Release  (Distributor Farbfilm)
June 2016            Biogra filmfestival, Italy + Italian Theatrical Release