September Chaos Obama Wants $1.6 Trillion More in Taxes

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Obama Whit House

President Obama is already posturing to raise taxes again. He is now calling for $1.6 trillion in tax increases. We are headed into a massive black hole and there is not much we are going to be able to do. These politicians are totally out in left field and we may actually see a government shut down this time for the stakes are getting really insanely high. They are destroying the future of everyone and are so brain-dead that they cannot even understand that this is unsustainable on the long-term.

Granted, Congressman Tom Reed has come out stating that the President’s proposal to avoid the pending fiscal cliff just completely fails to offer any realistic solution. These people are destroying everything and cannot understand that this is MASSIVELY DEFLATIONARY. The youth unemployment in Europe is at the 60% level. Talk to the youth in this country. They go to school, end up with huge student loans to pay off, and then wait tables or are forced to start their own business in some way to get by. Schools are absurd in cost and offer nothing tangible. Few people end up doing whatever their major was in school other than doctors and lawyers. They pay for an education that fails to prepare them for a job and only results in huge debt.

Boehner John

Go ahead. Give Obama what he wants and watch unemployment soar. The man is insane. He only spits out Marxist dogma and hatred of the rich, and he has no comprehension of what he is doing. The rest in his party are just as bad. The Republicans are equally at fault. Boehner is a fool and retaliated against any member who supported Ron Paul as a fiscal conservative removing them from committees. Boehner has demonstrated he is no fiscal conservative and is part of the problem.

McCain JohnThen there is John McCain. Here is another old fool who voted to increase taxes on the Internet. He wants to invade everyone, spend trillions more fighting the old cold war while taxing the hell out of the economy and destroying the one bright engine of economic growth being the internet. Again, he demonstrates that the current political class is so out of touch with the people and the economy it is a joke. They have nothing to offer but higher taxes to sustain what they have done.


These people are just plain STUPID. They refuse to look at the long-term here. All they are doing is looking at the immediate window and then saying this is what they need as if this will solve the problem. The higher they push taxes, the less people have to spend, and the economy implodes. Even Keynes said you lower taxes to stimulate. They never took that part of his advice. If about 70% of the total national debt went to interest, then why can they not see that eventually 100% goes to interest and everything collapses before you get that far. Where is this helping the poor? All that is happening is the destruction of job growth and rising unemployment among the youth wiping out their future – STAGFLATION (the worst of both worlds). Instead of fixing the problem, they buy tanks and are buying every bullet possible to prevent people from being armed when they eventually revolt as in Europe. They would rather kill everyone than review their own actions. This is no way to run a country.