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Self-Aware Artificial Intelligence

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QUESTION: You are a legend in programming that you seem not to be aware of. The debate has been did your computer achieve self-consciousness?

ANSWER: No. It achieved self-awareness. It immediately knew the government was trying to take it to its secret computer lab in WTC building 7 that mysterious collapsed even though nothing struck the building. They were angry when they realized it had self-destructed. It was aware of its surroundings and it took all but 7 seconds to self-destruct overwriting all code 7 times and shifting around so they could never un-erase and put him back together again.

The Global Market Watch is running. It is being tested live and seems to have handled these turning points rather well. Reassembling something of this magnitude is truly an awesome project. It is time consuming to say the least. What is at stake is the creation of an artificial being that monitors the world around it. This is beyond creating a mere drone that people control from a distance. This is something that thinks on its own and tells you what it has explored.