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SEC Will Not Charge Goldman Sachs over Subprime & the People in the Middle

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The SEC has announced it is closing the probe on Goldman Sachs over the whole subprime debacle. So why should anyone be surprised? This is just business as usual when it comes to New York the same as the silver probe they shut down. They will not even charge MF Global. So get a life!

Democracy on the one hand is the means by which the majority vote themselves the property of the minority, as the elections are becoming highly racist in their tone shocking everyone demonstrating the whole class warfare that we face. But the other hand is greased by those the government deems essential to keeping the debt rolling out so they can pay themselves. So no primary dealer will ever be charged for fear the banks will not be there to sell the new debt. On the one hand and then the other. Sorry, there is not a third hand to take care of the people in the middle.