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Scottish Vote

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The Scottish vote will be very important from the perspective that this will shake up the entire concept behind Brussels if they vote YES. Throughout Europe, the same civil unrest is rising as discontent every where.. Even if the vote is “NO” and the people accept that they are incapable of self-rule as second-rate citizens, the issue will not go away so easily. The “better together” crowd has NOTHING positive to offer Scotland whatsoever. It has been all about scare tactics that the Scots are inferior. The polls coming out gave the NO vote a 4 point lead. However, the ScotCen poll shows “NO” at 51% and “YES” at 49%, The NO campaign has nothing to offer and if they win, Scotland will really lose and we will see serious tension in the future when the economy turns down next year. The unrest will not vanish with a NO vote – it will be I told you so.