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Scotland Votes Breakdown on Age

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In terms of age, the 16-35 year-olds were divided, yet there was a pro union majority for the over 65 group counting on pensions.

  • 16 and 17-year-olds voting 71% yes.
  • 18-24-year-olds voted 52 to 48 against independence.
  • 25-34-year-olds voted for Independence.
  • 65s+ voted 73% to 27% to stay in the Union.

The results show that the No campaign won among men and women. Unsurprisingly, 95% of Conservative voters backed the Union. It is surprising that the religious card is being thrown around Social Media in heated debates when church attendance is a near record lows. Many people have drifted away from religion yet still define themselves as Protestant or Catholic. It seems that this is like the USA saying Russia is an enemy when the original issue was they were communists. It appears as though – once enemies – always enemies – even when views change and religion is not actively practiced by many these days yet it still seems to define people into groups.

This is illustrating the great disparity between generations. Not that they are hostile within the same household, but as groups – most definitely and this will only get worse as the economy turns down.