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Scotland Sells out to the Dole

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In America, the support for Scottish Independence was overwhelming running 80%+ Scottish Flags were appearing everywhere – even in Philadelphia they hung one-off the bridge. But in Scotland where people rely upon handouts from Britain (dole), self-interest prevailed. With all 32 council areas in Scotland now declared, the No (unionist) secured 55% of the vote with Yes (independence) achieved 45%. The fate of Scotland now looks rather bleak. The turnout was the strongest in the NO camp largely because the elderly who rely on pensions were scared they would lose the dole. The total turnout was 84.5% topping 90% in pro-Union areas but dipping to the mid-70s in key Yes working-class areas.


This is the very essence of the civil unrest that lies ahead – it is the classic Ayn Rand scenario. The working class having to support the dole. What happens if they go on strike – Atlas Shrugged. The elderly condemned the working class in Scotland to escalating taxes and a life far worse than they have enjoyed. For this very reason, we will see civil unrest rise in Scotland as it will everywhere else.

BPFOR-D 9-15-2014Yes those who have noticed how the computer picked up the election to the day without fundamentals is all based on how capital flows. The computer is capable of forecasting war and terrorist attacks based upon the flow of capital. This is what the government wanted all along. This is why they attacked Princeton Economics for that technology.


Nevertheless, the computer is not forecasting a bright future for Europe, Britain, or Scotland. It looked like a rebound was due in the markets and that was reflected only in a NO vote. Had the YES vote taken it, we would have seen a greater meltdown.

BPFOR-W 9-15-2015

We can see how there is a trend shift with next week but there should be another problem coming the first week of November.


By no means is this over. As the economy turns down, the tensions between the workers who have to pay taxes and those who rely upon government taking from them legally, will reach a head. As they say – it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.