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Schema Frequency

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I want to thank you for saving my marriage. You got me out of gold quite some time ago and my wife was always saying that the stories of the gold pushers did not make any sense. The purpose of my question concerns your “schema frequency”. I met Jim …. who use to work for you. He said that frequency was complex and it was not incorporated in the arrays. He said it was the real model and that it was only in the computer you had that self-destructed. Is this the real secret you have guarded? Will you be elaborating on this at the upcoming conferences?

ANSWER: Yes, the Schema Frequency is not part of the Arrays. This is a totally different model altogether and was not accessible by the staff. It was highly complex and is neither a longitude wave or a transverse wave. There is a third dimension to cyclical analysis that I have safeguarded because so many dishonest people have desperately trying to get their hands on the model thinking they will make untold billions. They cannot even conceptualize this third dimension for it is truly the ultimate mind-twister.

This frequency is incredibly accurate. Its internal structure is entirely different. I will explain more at the conference. But I prefer not to write too much about this discovery. It is highly complex and yes this is what self-destructed.