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Saudis & 911

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QUESTION: Is there any truth to the theory that the Saudis were behind the whole 911 attack sanctioned by the USA?

ANSWER: I am aware of that theory. The 911 event was a real attack. I believe WTC Building 7 and the Pentagon were clean-up operations to get rid of evidence perhaps at the SEC and more in NYC and the investigation of the missing $2 trillion from the Defense Budget that Rumsfeld had to admit he would begin to investigate the day before 911.

I know for a fact that the first World Trade Center attackers drew the towers on the wall in their cell showing planes going into them one year before. That took place in MCC New York. So there is hard evidence that the government KNEW about the coming attack. Was there some connection with the Saudis? Not sure about that at all. I prefer not to speculate on that one.