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Saudi Arabia Crazy Hail Storms Going Nuts & Avenatti Playing Games?

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COMMENT: Dear Marty,

This is interesting weather change in Saudi Arabia. We usually have the air-conditioning running 24/7 365 days a year.
And now…

Also, I found your blog on Avenatti very interesting…. If he runs for President, and it looks like he is planning on doing so, he could be the man that polarizes the U.S. even more, pushing it over the brink to major civil unrest and resulting breaking-up of the U.S. with certain states like California leaving the Union. Californians believe just silicon Valley is there the that State is some exception to rules of economic and the markets. “This time it’s different” mentally will become their motto, which will lead them down the path of no return like Venezuela, etc. If that happens, one could call California the Venezuela of the future. And, Governor Brown will finally become President. Something he has always wanted to be…. Thoughts?

Can one download or stream your newest documentary on the bond market – how and when?

Keep up the great work enriching us all with Socrates’ forecasts and your insight!

Best wishes,

REPLY: We are getting very strange weather patterns everywhere. It seems where it supposed to be hot it turning cold and the cold places are turning hot. There has been more snowfall in the USA south of Canada already than there has been in Alaska. Something is happening and the magnetic shield is weakening as the north pole is moving faster than anyone ever saw since 2010. It would be nice to really silence these Global Warming people who stand in line for their cut of $1 billion in grants for fake research to justify raising taxes and turn to what is really taking place for humanity’s sake.

They say that people hate others for their own characteristic faults. Avenatti hates Trump with a passion and he will exploit women to just get noticed. Those who hate Trump so much and prefer this guy, they have no idea what they are signing up for. Trump is a businessman. Avenatti makes money I believe by exaggerating and falsify people’s claims.

Through Avenatti’s career, he’s has secured huge payouts for his clients and claims to have pulled in no less than $1 billion for his clients throughout his career. Given what lawyer take as a percentage, this is why he runs around representing these women for free allegedly just to get noticed so he can run for President in 2020. He claims the legal fees are paid by Stormy Daniels, which is an example of how a lawyer like him plays with the truth. It was a fund set up for her legal fees, not her personally. Who are the donors to this fund? That would be very interesting to know and also has Avenatii charged the normal rates or have they been deeply discounted? Is this really a slush fund for him to launch a presidential bid?

The new documentary I believe will be up this week. We do not sell it nor do we have any control over that or make anything from it. Not sure if you can download it, but you will be able to watch it in an online type of movie theatre.