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Russia’s Goal to Resurrect its Empire by 2020 & Rain of the Parade of a United Europe

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Putin has bluntly stated that the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century and he was to see it resurrected (minus communism) by 2020. Russia clearly has its eyes set on bigger goals than just Ukraine. It is using the issue of ethnic Russians need their protection in places like Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine for starters.  – Putin is old school and he sees size as a show of strength rather than economics. He grew up in communism so that is what he knew – raw power. Putin actually dreams of doing more than just raining on the EU parade – he wants to dismantle it and smells their blood for Europe is decaying from within for the same Marxist reasons that Communism fell – central planning. It is ironic that today, there is more economic freedom from government regulation in Russia that is Europe. The real problem is the oligarchy rules the economy rather than bureaucrats. Putin will rip apart the territorial status quo created in Europe in the aftermath of the fall of the Soviet Union.

Putin is no fool and he may be as brilliant a strategist Than Napoleon ever was. With Russian activists, Putin may be able to take Eastern Ukraine without firing a shot. Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula was easy and could be contained. Invading Eastern Ukraine would not be so easy. There will be enough Ukrainians in those regions to resist Russian troops. That can get messy even though he could occupy all of Ukraine is 3 to 5 days. However, oppressing opposition will be another problem that could tie up his troops for some time. Ukraine has a population of 45 million, about the size of Spain. It is about 4 times the size of Greece and is bigger than Poland. Estonia is only 1.2 million and Latvia is about 2 million. Belarus is less than 10 million. So you can see, Ukraine is the prize for it is nearly 1/3rd the population of Russia, which is about half the size of the USA in population yet more than double that of Europe.

This is why our computer was targeting Ukraine as the flash point. Russia presents a major threat to the security of the European continent as a whole. Europe is collapsing and incapable of mounting a defense to stop Russia. This will be increased even more after 2015.75.

Eastern Ukraine is also a much larger territory than Crimea that had clear geographical limitation to its territory. Russia was already there with its port. Putin knows that Crimea is his to keep, and that no Western government is likely to challenge this newly acquired Russian province on a military basis.

Putin’s primary goal is to prevent Ukraine from joining Western economic and security structures such as the European Union and Nato. This is his first priority. He wants to keep Ukraine in some state of suspended animation since it has his pipelines to Europe. He needs at minimum to maintain Ukraine as a buffer zone. He can accomplish that much by persuading the West to accept what Moscow calls the “federalization” of Ukraine. In this way, Russia demands that there is the creation of a federal Ukraine that maintains the regional sovereignty thereby the regions will have the vote on “Ukraine’s foreign policy direction” in addition to the local sovereignty. This way the East can block any union with Europe or NATO. This is an interesting strategy, but it will likely fail and in the end war will be likely.

Country Population
 Russia 143,455,000
Europe: 105,400,000
 Germany 81,840,000
 United Kingdom 64,231,000
 France Europe: 63,702,000
 Italy 61,789,000
 Spain 46,958,000
 Ukraine 45,461,000
 Poland 38,548,000
 Romania 19,858,000
 Netherlands 16,795,000
 Belgium 11,162,000
 Greece 10,758,000
 Portugal 10,609,000
 Czech Republic 10,519,000
 Hungary 9,894,000
 Sweden 9,595,000
 Belarus 9,460,000
 Austria 8,477,000
 Switzerland 8,075,000
 Bulgaria 7,261,000
 Serbia 7,203,000
 Denmark 5,612,000
 Finland 5,436,000
 Slovakia 5,413,000
 Norway 5,077,000
 Georgia 4,942,157
 Ireland 4,662,000
 Croatia 4,258,000
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,847,000
 Moldova 3,486,000
 Lithuania 2,956,000
 Albania 2,783,000
 Macedonia 2,066,000
 Slovenia 2,062,000
 Latvia 2,011,000
 Kosovo[6] 1,826,000
 Estonia 1,283,000
 Montenegro 620,000
 Luxembourg 542,000
 Malta 419,000
 Iceland 324,000
 Jersey (UK) 100,000
 Isle of Man (UK) 87,000
 Andorra 75,000
 Guernsey (UK) 63,000
 Faroe Islands (Denmark) 48,000
 Liechtenstein 37,000
 Monaco 36,000
 San Marino 32,000
 Gibraltar (UK)[7] 30,000
 Åland Islands (Finland) 29,000
 Svalbard and Jan Mayen(Norway) 3,000
  Vatican City 800
Total 737,791,800