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Russia Wants IMF to Propose Solutions not USA for Ukraine – Here Comes World War III

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The confrontation between the USA and Russia over Ukraine is turning into a pissing match. Russia wants the IMF to do the reforms without the USA sources. While this is a political blow, it is a stupid move for the IMF is a total disaster. Yet then again, Russia may be banking on the fact that the IMF has NEVER gotten anything right yet. The crazy tax’em-till-they-drop instigated by the French political-elites that control the IMF these days will surely ruin Ukraine and send the nation into total chaos. This is one way to make Russia appear to be the savior after the IMF gets done with it. The IMF has already admitted it did not get it right in Greece or Southern Europe. It argues taxing the rich is ok even though unemployment rises. They tell the USA it should raise its taxes to match Europe – the basket case with the lowest economic growth of the entire world and the highest unemployment among the youth.

The IMF is only about supporting the French model and imposing that upon the world economy. Ukraine should NEVER accept any solution proposed by the IMF. They are perfect to create World War III. Stay as far from the IMF as possible – it is a total cesspool of corruption and insanity.