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Russia Passed the Point of No Return?

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The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 still offers a chance for Putin to distance himself from pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine and seal the border. Putin can take the position that his own investigation confirmed the separatists short down the plane by accident. That would be a small step for Putin in a normal situation that would allow for behind-the-curtain negotiation. Would the West respond or still seek confrontation?However, an about-turn is all but becoming impossible for Putin after a fierce media campaign that has demonized the West, painted Ukraine’s leaders as fascists and backed the rebels to the hilt.

Meanwhile, Russia has not assessed the Obama’s mentality properly. It does appear that the USA is intent upon trying to cause a coup in Russia to get rid of Putin. The EU is already demanding behind closed doors that the USA guarantee to supply its energy. We may have passed the point of no return. The future will unfold in a very interesting manner.