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Russia Leaks on 911 – Oops! Didn’t Think of That One!

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Russia is starting to fight back with leaking the evidence that the USA has worked with terrorists and knew about 911 if not help the terrorists organize the attack. The Saudi’s have controlled the terrorists and threatened Russia that their Olympic Games would be safe only if they agreed to the Saudi terms. It was the very terrorists being armed by the USA to take down the Syrian government. The Saudi connection and the USA was exposed with the Syria attempted invasion.

I reported that on the Benghazi Connection. The reliable story I got from behind the curtain was that John Christopher Stevens was supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels – terrorists we hated so much. That is why he was killed and the US had to step back and cover that up because the truth would expose the terrorist connection and how they used them for political purposes. I have stated all along there was an admixture here for it did not make sense.

2001,695 ECM

I  even reported that the two World Trade Center Attacks were curiously about 8.6 years apart. Not sure if that is significant but it does seem to fit the government cycle. The timing itself is very curious. It even took place precisely on the day of Pi from the peak of the 8.6 year wave at that time. It seems even conspiracies are on time.


I have stated that the coincidence with WTC7 collapse was a wipe out of evidence. That is where they took our computer system and when I asked for my legal discovery, the SEC responded that everything was destroyed in 911. That includes the evidence against all the bank manipulations that are now just starting to be exposed. No government employees in that WTC7 building were in there. They were evacuated.


I have stated I was there and felt the building shake when it was first hit before the collapse. I was several blocks away at that time. That was more like an explosion than just a collision. I have stated that I know for an absolute fact that the first World Trade Center bombers drew the twin towers on the wall of their cell with planes flying into them one year before. Does that mean it was purely a terrorist attack? No. Because that does not explain WTC7. There are no coincidences in the middle of such events.

I know the evidence they took from our offices. If there was a REAL prosecution in NYC, that would have led to the closure of the top five banks just as Solomon Brothers’ was rescued by part of the crew – Warren Buffet.


Were there really planes? Yes there were. Those claiming there were no planes are plants to turn this into a conspiracy theory so the media will never touch it. The bottom line is simple. There was a real terrorist attack that the US KNEW ABOUT. They used it to cover up the Pentagon missing money and what else was there in WTC7 beyond what we had that would have ended the market manipulations back in 1999.

Those who exaggerate this event PREVENT the public from listening. I cannot believe they are that stupid. These conspiracy-buffs have to be exaggerating this into purely a US plot with no planes for a reason. The Feds usurped the terrorists, perhaps helped them, that is enough. You do not have to go to extremes and say there were no planes for then you discredit the whole thing.


There is already evidence that this is how government functions all the time. They point to the rich, but then hunt wires of $3,000. The multinational companies can keep their money offshore, but individuals cannot. This is the real world. It is all about money and retaining power. We do not need private groups. The real culprits are right before your eyes with the guns and tanks. Why invent undefined secret private groups behind the scenes who pull their strings. He who has the tanks makes the rules.

History always argues against these conspiracy theories. It has ALWAYS been government without a single exception throughout all of history. Never has some private group overpowered government. It is always government – look no further. Even if there was some private group, if they are that powerful, there is NOTHING someone could do so do not vote and let the real culprits retain power. That seems to be the purpose of creating sinister shadow groups to protect government and those who run it inside. Sorry – I just do not trust anyone who advocates such extremes for they could be doing so for money.