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Russia has Invaded the East – Donetsk Pro-Ukrainian March will be in few Hours

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Russian troops


Separatists are old ladies with flags – troops are dressed in military gear regardless if you take the identification off. The West has abandoned Ukraine demonstrating that when it really is about protecting people, they back-down. When it is about the oppression of a government like Iraq and Syria, they US is ready to invade.


The problem is, the governments always lie about everything. Syria and Iraq never were about people – it was about energy. Just follow the money – oh gee – there is none in Eastern Ukraine. Guess that shows  the real motives behind these people who pretend to care so much. Putin calls the pro-Ukrainians fascists – yet they seek freedom from corrupt government not to hand government more power. But bullshit moves those without minds.

The pro-Ukrainians will be marching again in Donetsk for Ukraine. They will be beaten again and the organizers will be kidnapped and murdered. This is the face of real tyranny. Don’t worry – its is coming on a global scale.