Roman were Tax-Exempt inside Rome Proper

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QUESTION: Dr. Armstrong,

I know you don’t have that title but doctor means teacher so it is appropriate.  I attended your conferences last year and am looking forward to October.  My question may not be politically correct.  Do you have any evidence during the collapse of the Roman Empire of the equivalent of our affirmative action?  Did some ethnic groups receive favorable treatment by the government?
ANSWER: There was no exceptions for groups or genders. However, there was a tax exempt status that applied to those who ONLY lived in Rome itself. This contributed greatly to making Rome the largest city in history until it was surpassed during the late 1800s finally by London during the Victoria era. The tax-free status of Rome proper was a decree in Republican times after the second Punic War. They brought back so much wealth, taxes were no longer necessary. Can’t imagine politicians doing that today.