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Rising Tide of Civil Unrest

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InvisibleHand-DanielleThe key problem on a global scale has been the sheer arrogance of government in the Western so called “democratic” regions. People are starting to wake up and realize that we do not live in a democracy but republics and we remain without a voice. Once these people take power, they stop all consultation with the people and they become the government institutionalized. Therein lies the real giant conspiracy for as Adam Smith pointed out, it is the self-interest that creates the Invisible Hand.

Papers Please

The Communists and Socialists hate Smith because they do NOT want to listen to someone who says they cannot control the economy and force it to do as they would like. It would be nice if there really were 100 rich families controlling the world for they would be interested in preserving the system and just making money. Unfortunately, it is government that seeks control society to maintain power, which is why we are back to Papers Please! Soon there will not even be the “Please”.

Civil Unrest is starting to percolate EVERYWHERE. We are not merely seeing in Europe and the Middle East. but where Democracy was supposed to have replaced dictatorships, the unrest is building. Now even in Turkey.

There is rising pent up anger at the Justice System in the United States among minorities where prosecutors in New York have simply used them as stepping stones to advance their career. In one of the most outrageous cases, one man chases another carrying a gun. The man being chased falls and begs for his life. The guy lets him go, Meanwhile a friend of the man with the gun falls and his gun goes off killing him. The police charge the survivor with intentional murder. When they cannot prove their case, they show a surveillance video of him chasing the other guy and tell the jury he shot him, the man got up ran for a few blocks and died. After almost 5 years in prison, the man the prosecutors said he killed show up on his behalf. The court had no choice but to release the man but refused to chastise the prosecutor for knowingly lying to the jury. Instead, the judge vacates the conviction on the grounds his lawyer was ineffective.

The abuse of the Justice System and the wholesale lies without restraint are bubbling beneath the surface. We will see a Bastille Day when the economy turns downs for the people are getting fed up with all the lies.

This all seems to be the pent up anger that will start to manifest more opening starting next year. This is more than just the economy these people have messed up. The rigging of the courts to protect the banks has spread like a disease and the same lack of ethics is now into every aspect of law in New York City. Just Google (man convicted of murder released in New York City) and you will see many who spent decades in prison in NYC for murders they did not commit.

Once you allowed prosecutors and courts to lie to protect the banks, it became standard in everything. This is the collapse of the Rule of Law. Economically, there is no guarantee the money in your bank account will be yours or the home you live in when judges have the prerogative to say whatever they want.