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Rising Tide of Civil Unrest

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Around the globe people are rising up as Socialism is collapsing. All the promises of a better life have allowed governments to grow like mold in a closed bag of bread. The youth have no future for as government continue to hunt down any money as the G8 leaders pledged to hunt down anyone who finds a dime in a parking lot at fails to declare it. Leaders of the G8 nations have signed an agreement to crack down on the “scourge” of tax evasion at the end of a two-day summit in Northern Ireland.

G8 Summit

Government creates NO jobs that contribute to the creation of new jobs or the national wealth. Anyone who works for government is like hiring a maid at home. They do not contribute to the income of the household, they consume who you earn. The G8 cannot stimulate job growth with new trade deals for the big corporations while destroying the global economy and who Joe Biden called the “Super Rich” who are now household income of $250,000. If you make $1 million in capital gains this year, then lose $2 million next year, you can write off $3,000 and go forward only. So if you go bust, yiou stay bust.

The Marxist hunt for taxes has led to the collapse in liquidity that is still off by 50% from 2007 levels. This is alarming! Trading volumes are down substantially and that means capital is not investing. Americans have been thrown out of Europe. HSBC will not accept any accounts from an American outside the USA including in Asia. All of this to hunt down taxes. Our political governments are infested with lawyers who know how to write and prosecute laws, but are braindead when it comes to creating an economy. They have ZERO skills in the creation department  This is the same disease that kills corporations. It is the entrepreneur who creates the entity from his vision (Henry Ford, Steve Jobs), but then the company is taken over by the accounts and lawyers who dominate the board. People like Steve Jobs are thrown out for they can only create, not manage. Then bureaucratic corporations, like government,  are incapable of creation and this causes them to take over start-ups paying a fortune to kids who can create because the board of directors lack those skills. Eventually, the corporation dies void of any creative skills. Government follows the same exact path to extinction. In ancient history it was called becoming Byzantine. Over-regulation to the point the cost of government was so oppressive the economy simply died. The same pattern emerged in Venice as the state wanted to own everything. When Florence because a corrupt bureaucracy, the same fate awaited it in the dawn. Genoa rotated the office of the Doge on an annual basis. That prevented an infestation of bureaucrats and allowed Genoa to outlast both Venice and Florence. Hence – term limits are ESSENTIAL!

Fighting Shadows

These Marxist governments that mascaraed as Democracies cannot see that they are killing the future. They are merely the same corrupt Republics that compelled Julius Caesar to cross the Rubicon. The governments infested with lawyer-bureaucrats are writing laws contrary to human nature and then prosecute anyone who dares to try to defend themselves. Government then fights the shadows in their mind fearing their loss of power like a cornered rat.


This is part of the process why I have been warning it ain’t HYPERINFLATION – it is massive DEFLATION that must be concerned about as these government destroy the very economic engine that create a coherent society. The corruption has risen to a level of intolerance beyond belief and this is just getting started as we head into 2014. The G8 hunt for taxes is causing the collapse in the world economy. They cannot see what they are doing because they only think about retaining power – never reform.

brazil_riots 2013

The degree of civil unrest is so widespread it is only a question of time before it hits the USA. The amount of people on the streets in Brazil one would think in a Democratic government of the people, leaders should pay attention. NEVER! Instead, the government has declared outright war against its own people. The key as to when will this wave of civil unrest hit the USA is tied to the economic downturn in 2015.75. People do not rise up until they have no choice. We will see government launch an all out war against the people and blood will flow in the streets precisely as we see in Brazil. This is what Homeland Security is all about – protecting American from Americans – buying 1,6 billion hollow point bullets that are illegal in war and buying tanks for DOMESTIC use. They do not need tanks for terrorists. There just aren’t that many who would need to be confronted on the streets.


Brazil was once one of the so called economic wonders that many touted would compel the US dollar to collapse. ALL of these claims about the dollar’s demise are completely ignorant of how these things unfold. The death of civilization always begins from the periphery and moves to the core or heart and then the body dies. This is NOT my OPINION – its FACT based upon studying each event WITHOUT predetermine expectations. The object is to discover how these things happen, not convince anyone that one opinion is better than another. Just the facts! We will be publishing this study on the rise and fall of Empires, Nations, and City-States so there can be no question about opinion – only facts are acceptable – nothing else. What we see in Brazil, is human nature on display and that is NO DIFFERENT than what we will see in the USA.

Bonus-Army-3If you think this cannot happen in America, the land of the free and home of the brave, I suppose you also believe in Santa Claus, Eastern Bunny, and Tooth Fairy as well. If so, go back to your bubble and pretend everything if nice there. Don’t worry – Be Happy. This is what civil unrest needs. People who ignore the trend and wait until it is too late. Then they are shocked at the events.


Remember what Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) had to say about the German Nazi. Nobody stands up until it is too late, for then there is no one left to talk to.


Bonus-Army-4The United States called out tanks and Calvary on those who fought in World War I when the Bonus Army marched on Washington DC in 1932. It was this outrageous behavior of an “elected” government against the veterans that when World War II came, government was forced to pass the GI Bill because who in their right mind would fight for a country and then government sends in fresh troops against its own veterans when they asked for their pay that had been promised? Separating government from power or a penny is like an average man trying to part the Red Sea.


This is the whole purpose behind creating killer robots that scientists are now protesting against. They fear that troops will not fire upon citizens in a revolution – machines will.