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Rise of Dictatorship in Germany

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Venetian-MouthOfTruth - Copy

Germany is turning seriously against Democracy at every chance it gets. It is now flirting with the Dictatorship and its State Police are to monitor the people for signs of disposition. Yes, a new draft of the CDU-CSU has revealed that the federal German government is promoting the transformation of the German legal system to justify NSA style massive spying on its own citizens not that far from the East German Stasi. The basis for a comprehensive surveillance of citizens is the final stages of every state when it enters the fall of its economy as suspicion rises out of fear that the people are dissatisfied. The proposal allows for a conviction, in which the right to free speech is destroyed. Germany is thus flirting with punishing anyone who dissents from the desires of government – the classic dictatorship. syndrome.This is much the same as the Venetian Mouth of Truth and what I experienced myself in East Germany when I went behind the Berlin Wall.